Car Wash Facts

Clear Coat Polish

This type of foam is a strong soap that is safe for the car but hard on dirt. Besides removing dirt and debris, conditioning and cleaning foam leaves a shine behind. This type of foam contains surfactants to allow the soap to do its job better.

earthreadyEarth Ready Chemicals

Rhyno Car Wash uses only Earth Ready® products.

This wash uses products that are safer than conventional car wash chemicals for vehicles, the environment, and the people who use them.

Rhyno Car Wash has been working diligently to address the issue of environmentally friendly car wash chemical products.

We are committed to using products that are safe for people, our communities and the environment. Our Earth Ready program is the next step in a long history of commitment to achieve the highest quality and safety for the environment and you, the car wash consumer.

Lustra ShieldLustra Shield

LustraShield® with BDR®, is a premium polymer sealant that not only provides a superior shine and protective layer on the vehicles surface, it now repels brake dust on the wheels. LustraShield with BDR provides a polymer sealant that when applied to clean wheels repels brake dust keeping wheels cleaner and making cleaning easier every time. LustraShield with BDR has Advanced Brightening Polymers that reflects otherwise unseen “white light” and bonds to the vehicles surface providing a protective barrier that creates a smooth shiny surface to increase the vehicle’s gloss.


Our concentrated, clear coat sealer provides outstanding shine, and will aid in allowing your vehicle to dry spot free. This product is applied through a spray arch in our car wash. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.

Spot FreeSpot Free Rinse

The only way to really get “spot-free” is to use distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water. Deionized water will work pretty well, but it still contains salt. We use a Reverse Osmosis process to provide a spot free rinse for your car. Small particulates that are in normal tap water will leave water spots if left on the surface of your car. Our process removes these minerals to help prevent spots. This is the same process used by many bottling companies to produce bottled water.

Tire ShineTire Shine

This increasingly popular tire-dressing service is now being offered at most conveyor tunnel operations. Our Tire Shine can restore the original black luster to your tires to a fresh new look. This outstanding service will provide the finishing touch to a properly cleaned vehicle. Service recommendation: Every time you wash!

Triple Foam

The conditioner/cleanerwm_28x44_tri-foam_conditioner

Triple foam acts as a wax-type product. It protects the vehicle while causing the water to sheet or bead off the surface

Triple foam also works as a soap to help clean the vehicle while typically providing a shine. This product has surfactants similar to those in the other soap products.

These Triple Foams have additives such as bug remover or glass cleaner.

Wheel Cleaner

Many of today’s wheels and rims collect a dark and ugly metallic brake dust. Our Wheel Brite cleaner is formulated with solvents and wetting agents to break the bond that holds the brake dust and other oily dirt to the wheels. This service is applied through an on-line Wheel Brite applicator. Service recommendation: Each time you wash your vehicle.